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Key Initiatives

  • Medical Aid:
    A majority of people in rural areas cannot afford quality healthcare. People rank below the poverty line every year due to debts incurred from healthcare cost.
    Making high-quality healthcare the norm is an ongoing challenge. Cosmos Foundation is making efforts to provide quality healthcare to all.

    The Foundation is involved in several healthcare activities like:

    • Special Health Camps
    • Yoga camps
    • Eye Check-up
  • Education:

    Education is a fundamental right provided by Constitution of India. We are supporting the national cause by encouraging and helping children from society to gain access to Primary education, Secondary and Higher education by providing

    • Educational Loan
      • Providing interest free loan for higher educational studies
    • Basic facilities
      • Providing infrastructure to needy Institution / schools
      • Supporting to set up computer Lab
    • Scholarship and Felicitation of the Students from Std. X & XII
    • Educational seminars, conferences, etc.
  • Natural Disasters Relief:

    It is the responsibility of the society to come quickly to the rescue or support those who are affected in calamities like earthquake, flood, famine etc.

    Cosmos foundation supports generously to aid the people affected, to reform their life.

  • Helping Charities:
    In view, of serving the last element of society, and considering the time constraints etc , we are partnering, supporting the activities of other Charitable trusts who Help Themselves. Donations
    • For organising Social activities
    • Welfare activities
  • Services:
    As Unemployment is the biggest challenge in society as well as the various industries/sectors are facing skilled manpower crunch and we are bridging the gap by providing best fit human resources to Banking sector.
    • Outsourcing: - Helping the society by providing the unemployed a suitable job as well as helping the industries by having a best fit human resources to the bank
    • Renting of immovable Property – Subletting premises to the organization according to the MOU.
    • Arbitration Tribunal – Running arbitration court for settlement of disputes between individuals and banks according to the prescribed rules by law. Tribunal provides services for the resolution of disputes through arbitration.
    • Legal services
      • Recovery settlement
      • Providing Legal services for the settlement related to recovery , defaulters of bank etc.
      • Executor and Trustee
      • Will, Preparation & Execution especially for the Senior Citizens.
      • Management of Private Trust
      • Services to NRI / High net-worth individuals.